Canary saved my 82 year old Father’s life


The following words are from a Canary customer:


A few weeks ago Canary saved my 82 year old father’s life. How?

I live 150 miles from my father and am his only relative in the UK.

Each morning when I wake up and turn on my iPhone I get 3 Canary emails. One tells me that my father has got up once in the night (movement detected in bedroom at xxam), one tells me that he has got up next morning (movement detected in bedroom at xxam) and one telling me that the temperature has risen above 25 degrees (this is my father cooking his breakfast in the kitchen). These emails provide remote reassurance that my father is sticking to his normal routine.

One morning a few weeks ago I woke up as normal and turned on my iPhone – no Canary emails. I immediately logged into Canary and from the activity charts could see that the reason there had been no emails that morning was that my father had never left the lounge from the night before.

I immediately called a neighbour who was able to get into the house and found my father unconscious in the lounge. Paramedics were called and he was admitted to hospital with an infection. He came out several days later and has recovered.

Without Canary I would never have known so quickly that my father had a serious problem which had prevented him from going to bed.

Keep developing Canary – it truly is a life saver.



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