Great times together


With a bank holiday and half term coming up, Grandparents and Grandchildren may have the pleasure of spending some long sunny (we can hope) days together.

Here is our list of ‘Top 10 fun things to do together’ to give you some ideas:

1. Make a scrapbook of things you and the family like to do

2. Get out all the old and new photos and create a family tree

3. Teach each other something new: chess, knitting, Candy Crush…….

4. Make lemonade, sit in a favourite part of the garden….and talk and listen

5. Plant flowers or vegetables in the garden or in a window box

6. Make paper planes and see whose goes the furthest

7. Make puppets from socks and put on a show

8. Go on a nature walk and find bugs, birds, fossils, butterflies. Take binoculars and a camera

9. Do some baking together then have a picnic

10. Make a time capsule together and bury it in the garden


We’d love to hear your ideas too

Have fun and create some great memories!


Photo courtesy of The Age Action Alliance


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