Let the testing begin!


Here at Canary, we are on a mission to find products that make the lives of older people happier and easier.

We are therefore going to be testing a variety of things that older people might like.

As our first step into the world of testing was individual puddings, there was no shortage of volunteers at Canary HQ to taste the puddings and a non-orderly queue soon formed to try Waitrose’s Profiteroles, Tiramisu and Limoncello from their Essentials range.

Stuart wolfed down the profiteroles with the eagerness of a labrador declaring them to be “delicious”.

William, more generously, took his puddings home to enlist the help of his family reporting back with:

  • Tiramisu “Wow, really tasty”, great coffee flavour, good chocolate topping, “If you like coffee, you will love this”
  • Limoncello “Zesty, light, lemony, fresh and sweet”, “ Brilliant for grandmothers”
  • Profiteroles “Scrummy, delicious, quite creamy….very indulgent….not an everyday pudding- quite a treat!”

T’other Stuart, our resident techie, was “not impressed with the lemon one. Quite tart and a bit false really. Had to get Liz to finish it and she wasn’t keen either”. However, he thought “the profiteroles were nice though. Good consistency on the choux pastry and plenty of cream and chocolate sauce. Couldn’t fault it – would buy again.

Both desserts were of a good size for someone on their own and the packaging was easy to remove, which is always a bonus with my arthritic fingers”.

Jamie plumped for the Tiramisu declaring it to be “excellent, a great treat for kids and adults alike!”.

So, a very positive response all in all with the jury still out on the Limoncello.
* we tested of our own free will and without incentive from Waitrose


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