Making life easier and brighter as you get older


If you’ve ever tried to buy a product that might make the life of an older person easier, you may have experienced that sinking feeling that you are entering a depressing world of badly designed mobility aids that don’t seem to have moved on since the bakerlite phone.

We are used to living in a world where products are effortlessly easy to use, designed with the user in mind and take minimal effort to set up and go….but, until now, it seems that products to help older people just haven’t caught up. If you are buying for a baby, you are bombarded by ‘must-have’ products where changing bags and buggies are desirable and even coveted! So, why can’t we buy things for older people that are a joy to look at and use?

That’s why we were delighted to discover Spring Chicken – a fabulous new website packed full of well-designed products from around the world that look good and work well so that older people can carry on loving their lives. From walking sticks to clever, easy to use gadgets that help with hearing, reading and keeping in touch, everything on Spring Chicken is designed to make lives better with brilliant products and advice.

Anna James – Founder of Spring Chicken told Canary “We are a young business aimed at older people and set up with the simple aim of pairing the best products in the world with the best advice. We want to make life easier and brighter as you get older”

Let’s demand more for older people so that they feel uplifted and their lives can be enhanced by the products they use….they don’t deserve to be banished to a world of beige!


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