The Great Brew Break

Canary loves the RVS’s ‘Great Brew Break’ (28 April – 4 May); a week where people across Great Britain raise their best (tea) cups to the nation’s older people and raise much needed funds for older people’s services. Over 140 events up and down the country will take place during the week, including a Mad Hatter’s Tea Tasting Party, Vintage Tea Dances and ‘throw the tea bag’ competitions.

Canary raises a cup of tea to RVS!


Simple pleasures are the key to happiness


Whilst younger people gain more happiness from extraordinary experiences, for older people ordinary experiences produce as much happiness as extraordinary experiences, this report shows:

So, it might sound obvious but it’s a useful reminder that time spent with our older relatives doing the simple things they enjoy is what will bring the greatest pleasure


photograph provided courtesy of Age Action Alliance